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critical utilities (live online)

critical utilities

A very topical subject with the regulators and likely to be a key part of Annex 1 update. Critical utilities that have a direct impact on product quality can include water, steam, compressed air and other process gases. These services often move throughout the whole plant and link ‘uncontrolled’ plant room environments with the highest grades of the manufacturing process and product contact. Ownership of critical utilities on site can sometimes be unclear and this course is often delivered as part of SME development to improve ownership and control of critical utilities.

The three day programme is typical content for critical utilities, expanded to include much more detail in key areas (generally water systems and HVAC/filtration). The course content can be tailored to suit, based upon site discussions. In addition EU GMP Annex 1 and EN285 have some very specific requirements related to these subjects. This course has developed over many years and is constantly being updated as technology and regulatory expectations progress. Lectures include numerous case studies and relevant examples to help provide practical application of the subject.

Course duration is 3 days.

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event date: tba 2023
duration: 3 days (09:00-17:00 each day)
individual price:  €2000 per person
location:  Dublin
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Registration is not currently available. This course is run in conjunction with our affiliate The Compliance Group. Please contact us at training@gxp.ie for further enquiries.