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investigating potential fraud

investigating potential fraud

Can I trust you? Can you trust me?

In a commercial environment and the new global business paradigm where the supply chain is no longer centralised but increasingly diversified across may continents, it is increasingly common for outside contractors to play critical roles in the manufacturing and/or supply process. Performing audits of the different players is a key means for the determination of trust and confidence.

But are the ordinary auditing skills used to discover relatively minor flaws in a basically sound functioning system capable of uncovering more willful fraudulent deception? What happens if potential fraud is uncovered during a routine audit?

There are multiple advantages to having suitably trained investigation personnel and a rigorous investigation process.

This 3 day advanced course incorporates the skills needed to conduct or lead an audit or investigation with accuracy and confidence by gaining knowledge about various topics, such as relevant legal aspects of investigations, obtaining evidence from computers in an investigation, collecting and anlalysing internal and external data, interviewing witnesses, suspects and writing investigation reports.
The facilitators on the course are recognised experts in their respective fields as well as having broad experience in tackling and advising on the issues covered.

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event date: tbc
event end date: tbc
individual price: $2500 per person for 3 days
location: Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, Chicago, IL, USA.
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Registration is not currently available. This course is run in conjunction with our affiliate The Compliance Group. Please contact us at training@gxp.ie for further enquiries.